Thursday, August 9, 2007

My First Blog!

After spending much time reading everyone else's blogs, I've decided to start one of my own as sort of a daily diary of my life with teenage twins!

So far this summer the boys have gone to a Career Camp at one of the local high schools for a week of 4 hour days, Flute Camp at the University of Houston for a week of 8-9 hour days and overnight Band Camp at the University of Houston for a week. Justin made 1st chair in the Honors Band and Ryan made 1st chair in the top Symphonic Band. Although I was traumatized at first that they were in separate bands, it worked out well that they each made first chair as they each got to do solos in a couple of songs during the final concert performance. We had many compliments from audience members on how talented they are and of course that made all the overtime I had to work to pay for it all well worth it!!

I'm in my second week of "vacation" from work and we are just hanging out at home, going bowling and to the movies and I'm working on renovating my master bathroom (currently a big mess). I go back to work next Tuesday but have really gotten the hang of staying up WAY late and of course, sleeping in a laying around.

The boys will be starting the eighth grade in a couple of weeks so we need to get haircuts scheduled, do a little clothes shopping and start going to bed much earlier! The flutes are in the shop getting cleaned and tuned up, school supplies are purchased and we finally cleaned out their backpacks from last year just the other day. This will be their second year at the new middle school and though last year had many challenges associated with opening a new school, I am sure this year will run much smoother and I'm starting to look forward to it! I'll let you know how it really goes.

Well, back to painting and sanding in the bathroom and I guess I should start dinner soon too, so that's all for now!


karen! said...

That is some cute pictures! Does this mean that you have seen MY blog? I have had it forever now it seems. Now I am also doing a lot of MySpace, so if you decide to do that too, let me know~!

Holder Happenings said...

Great start! I can't wait to read more about life in Comerville! (Love the name by the way! LOL)

Anonymous said...

lisa, this blog is awesome. keeps me updated about what is happening with my family in spring.
miss u guys so much...