Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thing 1 & Thing 2 make Chair 1 & Chair 2!!

The Bailey Middle School Band attended the All Region Band tryouts today. The boys competed against about 150 other flute players. They go through the first round of auditions just to see if they made any band, then if they make that cut they audition again to be placed in bands and in chairs. There are 3 levels of bands: the top band is the Wind Ensemble, next is the Symphonic Band (actually broken into 2 bands itself) and then there is the Concert Band.
Last year Justin made Symphonic Band (I think 5th chair) and Ryan made Concert Band (I can't remember which chair). That was very good since they were 7th graders and it was their first time to audition. This year they both made WIND ENSEMBLE - JUSTIN MADE 1ST CHAIR AND RYAN MADE 2ND CHAIR!!!! They were absolutely overjoyed and I am so proud! I've attached a picture of most of the kids who also made it from their school, some flute players and some clarinet. There is one saxophone player who had left earlier. The top 4 flute chairs of the Wind Ensemble are also in the Symphony Orchestra (I have to learn more about this). They will all perform in a concert later in the year usually held in The Woodlands.
When we returned from that it was time for costumes, hair and makeup in preparation for the costume party they were invited to by one of their band friends. You can see from the picture that they have a lot of hair!! I put lots of mousse, teased it up and sprayed it with blue hair spray. They don't like the makeup very much, but I think they look cute! Hopefully they have fun at the party.
Time to catch up on cleaning and laundry before I pick them up in a couple of hours!


Anonymous said...

hey lisa, the costumes look awesome. i bet the boys liked them a lot. three friends of mine and i want to go as a deck of cards this year. you know hearts, ace and so one. i think i have to be hearts, since i'm the only girl without a boyfriend! ;)
i'll send pictures!

send my love to the rest of the comer fasmily!

Holder Happenings said...

Cute costumes!!

Big congrats to Justin and Ryan on 1st and 2nd chair!! That is awesome!

karen! said...

First, Oooh, I like your new pic of you and your hair looks great! You can tell your hairdresser I said so!
Second, I tried to reply a different way that didn't work but here is what I said:
Therapize? Is that really a word? J

It is going pretty well. I have some things to think about. A lot going on in my head right now.

But one small hint is,,,,,, that I have checked apartment pricing in my area recently, just so I know.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, the costumes look great. How is Roland? I never see anything about him. What's new with him?