Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Babysitting, Bisexuals & Band practice

Wow - I had forgotten how tired I am after a busy day at work! I was recently elected to the Nursing Practice Congress (I'm a congresswoman!) and spent part of yesterday at the monthly meeting and the rest of the day doing other administrative stuff which wasn't too bad. Today was hectic - I was in charge and had 3 patients to take care of. Basically "charge nurse" is a euphemism for "baby sitter" with a higher pay scale! So I not only had a hyper-anxious patient literally following me around most of the day wanting to go home, but also had to trouble shoot everything from the broken supply scanning system to the workmen who couldn't figure out the code to the lock on the bathroom (3 times!). Also, the hospital rolled out a new version of our main computer program that I have no idea to use. My last decision of the day was to decide which pretty nurse I could ask to be my date to tomorrow's luncheon hosted by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Network (GLBTN)! I'm not kidding and hope I don't offend anyone. This group really does exist on the hospital campus and anyone is welcome to attend their meetings. I was supposed to post their flyer for all to see and struggled with posting something that I'm not exactly comfortable with. Anyway I think I'll take a male PharmD and a female Nurse Practitioner and let the rumors begin!!

After work the boys and I went up to the Woodlands to pick up their flutes that were supposed to have been tuned and cleaned. The store was packed so we told one of the girls there that we would eat and come back. We ate at Pei Wei, which was quite excellent and then made our way back through the parking lot to Music & Arts Center. I had the boys inspect their flutes and discovered that they hadn't been cleaned. Oops!! So... they will call me tomorrow to let me know when I can pick them up again. The boys start Symphonic Band practice on Friday, so they will probably be using their beginner flutes which they say is okay with them. Glad they are so very flexible - I could learn much from them!

Until next time!!


Holder Happenings said...

Interesting title Lisa!!

I am SO jealous you got to eat at Pei Wei. I love that place!! We can't go there with Sean's allergies. Well we can if we bring our own food, but I hate doing that, so we go where he can eat instead.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog!!
Check your hotmail account for an email from me!

Karen (Butler) Nelson

karen! said...

haha! so, you are a lesbo now? that's great! i'm so proud of you for admitting to it!
I crack myself up!
I am sending you some readers!

Dreama said...

Keep up the good work.