Sunday, August 19, 2007

My South Texas Saturday Adventure

Yesterday was the busiest "day off" I've had in a while. I drove down to Texas City to have lunch with my Mom, her husband Larry, Grandpa Hughes, my brother Jay, his wife Brenda and their son Clint. Some other people couldn't make it, but I won't even try to explain the details. The boys were at a birthday party in Galveston with a group of their friends so I was on my own for a change. Hopefully they will blog today about their rainy beach adventure - stay tuned!

Anyway, lunch was somewhat comical but very tasty - Gringo's has great chips & salsa. My family is very dynamic with many different personalities - if I had time to write a screenplay I could make a fortune! It's also nice that after 30 minutes with them I realize that I don't really have any problems and that I should really pray for them more than I do. Just kidding - I love them all and wouldn't be who I am today without the influence of everyone. Try to figure that out. (Hang in there Brenda - there is light at the end of the tunnel - squint and you will see it!)

After visiting at Grandpa's house for a while I started the next leg of my journey. I was off to Fresno, TX to help my friend Josie from work get school supplies for her son Michael who will start 4th grade on Monday. Josie has a new baby (Kadiana, my Goddaughter), works full time and goes to school part time so can always use a little help. For someone who can juggle so many things so well you would think she could give somewhat accurate directions. Had I followed the instructions she gave me over the phone I would have ended up somewhere in Canada I think. Luckily I have some experience with this so the 1st thing I did was stop at CVS and buy a nice Texas road atlas which I really needed anyway, some Motrin and a some fruity water to wash it down (not the whole bottle, but close).

We had decided along the way that since it was raining that I would just stop at Wal-Mart and she could read me the list over the phone and I could simply drop them off at her house on my way home. Not!!! Reality was that I would end up at the Missouri City Wal-Mart that had a broken air conditioner, she and her son would alternate in attempting to read me the list while the baby screamed in the background and I wouldn't be able to find one item without asking at least three people (2 of whom usually didn't speak English). Anyway, when I finally made it to her house we had a nice visit (I'll put pictures here) and I was glad to be heading home. The boys actually made it home an hour before I did and Justin made them both some dinner - thank you so much, Justin.

Here are some pictures of Kadiana's Christening & my visit with her yesterday:

That was my Saturday adventure - any questions?

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Holder Happenings said...

Cute pictures! I like the written version of your weekend, but it was funnier when you told it to me over the phone.

I see you added a map and other things to your blog!