Friday, August 24, 2007

Beauty Pageants, Band Registration & Baby Showers

Right now the boys and I are watching the Miss Teen USA pageant. We were glad to see that the reigning Miss Teen wasn't stuck in rehab or whatnot and was able to make her final walk down the runway! Just kidding - she's cute and I'm sure she will continue to be a positive role model for all young women in America and have a very successful and productive life (I just live by the words of this year's host - Mario Lopez). Unless one of the girls actually stumbles headfirst down the stairs during the evening gown competition I will consider this 2 hours of my life I can never get back. Just joking yet again. They are all absolutely adorable with their fake tans and shiny hair. There's a reason God gave me 2 boys - I'll spare you my opinions on girls and modeling.

Work has been busy as usual this week both in regards to patient care and the personal dynamics that occur with any group of people that work closely together. We have another nurse retiring this month - after 25 years with MD Anderson. Myself and 2 other nurses make up the "party commitee," but the party for the nurse next week is being planned by another group of nurses and not without a few problems, disagreements and even a few tears. Anyway I have 2 baby showers to plan and am excited - they are my favorite. Have you ever seen a diaper cake? They are fun to make and are so cute as a centerpiece. I will post pictures when they are done.

On Monday I took the boys for band registration - fancy term for filling out about 5 forms per child and paying an assortment of fees. Somehow by the time I had turned in all the forms, chatted with some other moms, the band director and the new assistant director (who is the identical twin brother of the boys assistant director from the 6th grade) I had somehow been nominated, elected and sworn in as the Band Booster's Secretary! Actually, it shouldn't be too bad and might actually get me out of working the concession stand at the football games this year - my real goal. I don't mind chaperoning (even the 18 hour trip to Sea World last year was fun) and volunteering at the school, but I just can't get excited about serving gooey nachos and hot dogs for hours to screaming middle school kids after running around work all day. Must be getting old!

School clothes are all taken care of and school supplies purchased so I suppose we are all ready for school on Monday. This is the second year their school has been open and although the campus is beautiful and everything is fresh and new, we had a FEW problems last year. I love their principal and over the course of last year got to know her quite well (with as many e-mails as I sent her and trips to the school that I made, it was inevitable). I guarantee that at the other 2 schools that the boys have attended I was only known as "the twin's mom," and am fairly sure that none of the principals could put a name to my face! Anyway, I have such hopes for this year and am sure to have much to report in the near future. Stay tuned!

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Holder Happenings said...

Have fun with your new position with the band! It does beat having to sell nachos. :)

So how did the first day of school go for you guys? I updated my blog today after school. Check out Rebeckah's expression in their first day of school pictures.