Monday, September 10, 2007

Bad Headache, Band Party & Baby Shower

Not too much to say today. I had a horrible headache yesterday and after taking Tylenol before Church and Motrin in the afternoon I finally broke down and took some Excedrin in the evening. This is usually my last resort because the caffiene makes me jittery and the aspirin makes me bruise more easily than usual. Anyway, as a result I could not sleep at all (finally around 2:00 a.m.), my head still hurt a little and I'm home "sick" today to recover. I've found that it's hard to deliver safe and cheerful patient care on a couple hours of sleep and a caffeine hangover!

The boys have their band party at Incredible Pizza this evening and I'm chaperoning, which is another reason to recover today. Anyone who has experienced a school bus full of very loud middle school students understands the need to be headache free when first boarding the bus!! I love Incredible Pizza's buffet. Along with all kinds of pizza, they also have salad, many pastas, sauces and very yummy grilled veggies. Brownies, apple pie pizza, ice cream ..

The baby shower at work went very well. Everyone worked very hard and it was a huge success. They won't have to buy diapers or wipes for at least 1 year! Here are a couple of pictures.


Holder Happenings said...

Sorry to hear about the headache! I hope the pizza party goes well. The baby shower looked like a success. Sean liked the "Elephant Cake".

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
I hope you are feeling better.
I'm really stressed too at the moment. I only have obe week before i leave Wuppertal again to go to Berlin, to see my parents.