Friday, September 7, 2007

Bailey Middle School Open House

Last night the boys' school had Open House and I was able to meet their new teachers. They have 3 teachers that they had last year which is great because I really like them! The nice thing too is that they can mostly tell the boys apart which is really good for them. Their new teachers seem just as good - all young but with experience and plenty of energy. I especially like their Geometry teacher. Young, no-nonsense, but with a good sense of humor and really wants the kids to do well. This is a 10th grade level class and will be hard work but she is available for tutoring, phone calls and e-mail so I think they should make it through just fine. I think I got more pointed looks than the other parents when she said that this class was the most talkative, but I'm really not surprised!! The boys have all of the same classes with the exception of Ryan in Spanish and Justin in Health. This will probably be the reverse next semester. The Spanish teacher said that Ryan was doing very well and could easily teach Justin what he is learning. I'm sooooo happy that everything is going so well this year! Go 8th graders!

The boys started Cross Country practice this week and are both limping this morning with muscle pain, bone pain and just general aches and pain! I tried to get them to run some this summer and they have both said they should have listened to me. I haven't heard this in what seems like years! Glad to hear that I know at least one thing. There is hope.

Today is school picture day and I'm nervous about the boys' longer hair but have decided to pick my battles. I'm getting used to it, but am trying to convince them that it's time for at least a trim. Hopefully this weekend since their American History teacher has challenged them to not watch T.V., play video games or computer games. Can't wait to see how this works out! They do have a Power Point project to work on for Language Arts and say they will do the research for that, read, play outside and play some board games. They're also reading Great Expectations starting next week so should be able to get a head start on that. I'm reading it too since I don't think I did while in school. Their Language Arts class is also taught on a 10th grade level. They actually will get high school credit for the 9th grade classes they took last year and the 10th grade ones from this year. This makes them eligible to get college credit in high school if they do well. Did they do this stuff when we were in school? I'm adding up how much money I will save on their first year of college!

Tomorrow is the baby shower at work so I'm off to get the diapers for the diaper cake and a few other supplies. I'll get them the Diaper Genie (never used one myself, so I hope I can recognize it when I see it!) and a couple of pink outfits. I love girl stuff! I'll post pictures in a few days of everyones' hard work. Many people have worked hard to make this a great shower and I'm very excited to see the fruits of our labor (get it - baby shower, labor, ha ha!).

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