Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

Hope everyone had a great labor day - I "labored" at work, but it wasn't that busy. Sometimes over the holidays our patient census goes down and things run at a slower pace. I was able to care for my patients, fill out a few time-off requests, read all of my work e-mail and continue to plan the baby shower for next Saturday. There was a small drama involving a broken bathroom door lock, but since I'm not sure who reads this, I'll leave out the details. Overall, I found the whole situation quite hysterical and hope the injured party can eventually somehow see the humor! I wonder who invented automatically opening doors (a feature for the handicapped) that not even the World Heavyweight Champion could pull closed once it starts to open? I love my job.

The boys had a good first week at school and are currently at a swim party at the home of one of their friends. They've been fed lunch and are now having dinner and I'm having some time with my feet up and the T.V. on. I just love their friends and especially the mothers of their friends!!

Yesterday the boys and I went to visit Mary & Les (my foster parents) and their daughter Debi, her husband Chris and their 5 kids who were here for the holiday weekend. Their oldest daughter Rebeckah is in the 7th grade and had a poster project for Texas History due on Tuesday and needed some help. We were able to cut the poster into the shape of Texas, cut out the 6 flags that flew over Texas and some other symbols related to our great state. Does anyone know what the state snack is? Chips and Salsa, my favorite! We also have an official butterfly, dinosaur, gem, musical instrument and many other interesting items. If you are curious, here is the link:

Here's a picture of all of the kids with their names from left to right:

Rebeckah, Sean, Ryan, Austin, Matthew, Justin & Hannah in front

A small update on my never ending bathroom project: Roland put in the counter top, grouted it, put in the sinks last week and finished the faucets today. At long last I can stop brushing my teeth in the tub - it's the little things that make me happy! Now I have to finish taking down the wallpaper, prime & paint the walls (at least I've picked out a color that I like), pick out new mirrors, finish sewing the shower curtain and window curtain, sand and paint the shelving unit that goes between the mirrors and paint the cabinets. I hope to finish before my taste changes again! Stay tuned for pictures (maybe by Christmas?).
I just realized that I may be addicted to projects. I have a half-done bathroom, a partially painted chair on a sheet in my living room, a lamp out on the patio table that still needs another coat of paint (for the craft table in my bedroom) and a "craft table" in my living room that has at least 5 unfinished sewing projects covering the sewing machine. This doesn't mention the amount of various sewing and craft supplies I have crammed in several closets and many drawers around the house. Do they have interventions for this kind of thing? I hope not!

Until we meet again ...


Holder Happenings said...

I enjoyed our visit this weekend! I just wish we were able to get together more often. Thanks for all of your help with Becka's poster.

karen! said...

Aww! Wish I could have been there too! Maybe someday? Maybe next summer? We should make a plan. This summer went by so fast, and so much of it was filled with rain!
Oh well. There's always next year.