Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Nachos, Chili Dogs & Gatorade

First, let me share my Thank You list for today:
  1. There were yummy blueberry muffins at the Nursing Practice Congress meeting this morning.
  2. The meeting was finished early.
  3. My Nurse Manager took everyone from our unit who attended the meeting to lunch at The Commons (an area in the medical center with a water wall and different restaurants).
  4. The boys had free hot dogs and soda for dinner while working in the concession stand (not exactly nutritious, but free and they liked it!).
So, needless to say I've been recruited to do concession stand duty after all. I've also taken over the coordination of volunteers for the Band Boosters (concession stand duty, chaperones, events held at the school, etc.). The boys and I did it today (they did several hours, I just did one) and it wasn't actually that bad. The other moms are really great and the boys did well with the money - no problem figuring change in their heads!! They have a field trip on Saturday evening with only 2 chaperones so far (including myself) so I have some phone work to do later in the week. Now that the boys have made a dent in their community service hours (actually just 12 for the whole year), I feel a little relieved.
My intention this past weekend was to decorate for Halloween with all of the stuff I've made over the past few years, but maybe tomorrow. I did finish some of my painting projects (shelf unit for bathroom, lamp, chair) and made a little bit of progress in my bathroom. Maybe I'll be done before the new year? Tomorrow I have an all day conference at work (I actually have to wear real dress-up clothes) and shouldn't be tired so maybe we can get some spider webs and pumpkins out when I get home! I'll post pictures when we're finished!

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Holder Happenings said...

Again, I don't know how you do all that you do! I use the word NO quite frequently to keep myself from getting too busy. ;)