Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thank You Power

Today I read on the Internet about Deborah Norville's new book, Thank You Power, in which she discusses the positive power of being thankful for little things in life. I plan on reading the book, but in the meantime have decided to blog daily on the little things I am happy about on a daily basis. She keeps a little diary that she records a few things each day that she is happy about and thankful for.

Here's my list for today:

  1. There was fresh coffee made when I arrived at work and it tasted good!
  2. My friend Amy was in town from New York and came up to work to visit and hang out for a while (she's newly engaged and excitedly planning a wedding) - we went for Starbucks coffee and caught up on stuff
  3. My wonderful coworker Mickey happily agreed to bring the cake tomorrow for a surprise party - I won't have to drive and pay for parking! She also decorated our locker room very festively for Halloween - complete with a coat stand sheet ghost!
  4. I only had to wait for the Metro rail for a few moments and the Park & Ride bus for a couple of minutes & my seat on the bus reclined so I caught a nice nap all the way home.

The boys are at a Cross Country meet and Roland is off today will be bringing them home - something else to be thankful for. I usually have to rush from work, drive forever and then sweat like a pig in the heat while they wait to run. Today was the first time since school started that I haven't had to rush home or to some activity and it's so nice not to worry about dinner for a change. They plan on eating out after the meet and then home to finish Justin's atomic model of Iron. Since I probably won't get another break until next year, I am thoroughly relishing every moment!

Until tomorrow ...

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