Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas & Comcast

The holidays are over but I finally managed to get some video onto my computer - I've tried twice to upload it but it gets stuck, so I'll just post a couple of pictures until I figure out what the problem is. The first one is the boys playing with their new table tennis table.

The boys are back in school and busy with preparations for Science Olympiad. They have to build one project and study for 3 or 4 other categories. I'm coaching one team called Disease Detectives and am behind as usual! The competition is in about 2 weeks and hopefully we'll all be ready!

Today we took Angel to the vet for her shots and enjoyed a waiting room full of every variety of dog. Our favorite was a carrier full of 4 Yorkie puppies - they were so small and so cute. All the other dogs were friendly and well behaved except for Angel (she's 7 lbs. now) who growled at anyone who stood too close (while she shook so hard she almost fell off of my lap).

After the vet we went to the mall and the boys had haircuts. I absolutely love how they look and Ryan does too but Justin is mourning the loss of his locks. It didn't curb his appetite however and we ate at Sweet Tomatoes afterward. I love their soup and bread and am still full hours later!

The only other thing I can think of that's been going on lately is my battle with Comcast. Just after Christmas I bought a new TV for the living room. I got a really good deal on an open-box 52" Sony DPL HDTV at Circuit City. Of course to fully enjoy the HDTV you need to have HDTV cable. I called and ordered what they are calling "triple play" which includes cable tv, high speed internet and digital phone service. After I had calculated what I was spending on all of the services separately from different companies I actually end up saving around $60 per month and that is with the upgraded cable with the Comcast DVR. Long story short, this past week is the first week that all of the services have worked without issue (after 4 different people have been out to install/repair/whatever) and I hate their DVR. I miss my TIVO am on the list to have the TIVO upgrade to their machine. I can't wait!!! I love the TV and have spent too many hours staring at how beautiful the picture is, especially on the HD channels.

Time to get off of the couch and make a dent in my laundry pile!!

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